Anonymous asked:

My boyfriend and I haven't seen each other in a couples months and he's coming over my house on Saturday and I wanted to give him the best sex he's ever had with me. Any tips or tricks? (Things that really turn a guy on and make him moan)

laced-up-and-spanked answered:

Well, I can’t speak for every guy but what if I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in that long, I would do as follows:

I’d start by texting him before he comes over. Tell him how much you’re looking forward to seeing him. Tell him how much you’ve missed him. Tell him you can’t wait to kiss him and touch him and feel how hard he gets. Your sexting can be as subtle or explicit as you wish, do whatever you guys are comfortable with. If you want to, send him a photo or two. Nothing too revealing, a little tease of the outfit you’re wearing and what you may or may not be wearing underneath.

When he does come over, don’t rush it. I know it’s been months since you’ve seen each other and you’ll probably want to get right down to it but drawing it out can lead to a lot of fun. Sit him down and stand in between his legs. Lean forward and press your breasts against him. Kiss him, run your hands through his hair and down his chest and bite gently on his lip. Kiss his neck, his shoulders. Whisper in his ear how much you want to fuck him. Stand up right and smile at him while you undress. Make him watch as you slowly remove your clothes, touching yourself as you do so. Remove his top and kiss your way down his chest. Get on your knees in between his legs and look up at him. Smile. Gently run your hand over his crotch. Feel how much he has hardened and ask him what he wants. Ask him if he wants you to suck his cock.

Assuming the answer is yes, remove his jeans but leave on his boxers. Kiss along the outline of his penis. Pull down his boxers only slightly so that you can just kiss the tip. Flick your tongue over the head of his penis while looking up at him. When you’re ready, pull off his boxers.

Hold his penis first. Touch it and feel every inch of it. Stroke him slowly while you look up at him. Ask him if it feels good. Kiss his inner thighs as you do so before making your way to his penis. Continue to stroke him while you lick the tip of his cock. Run your tongue over it, kiss it, lightly suck on it and then pull away. Smile. Run your tongue along the vein on the underside of his penis going from the base right up to the tip a couple of times. Flick your tongue over the spot where his shaft meets the head before gently taking the head of his penis into your mouth. Suck lightly. Move down to take more of him into your mouth, while going in a up/down motion, sucking gently.

With him in your mouth, keep your tongue moving. Run your tongue over the head and around his shaft as you go in your up/down motion. Don’t just bob up and down, alternate between sucking, licking the head of his penis and the rest of his shaft. Keep him well grasped in your hands. Use your hands to stroke his shaft and balls too. If you want, you can kiss, lick or even suck his balls if he likes that.

When he’s moaning and grabbing at you and you can tell he’s enjoying it, pause to ask him what he wants. If he wants to go down on you, smile and stand up. Touch yourself and ask him if he wants to taste you. If the answer is a wholehearted yes, and you guys are into this kinda oral sex, hop up and straddle his chest. Hold him by his hair and control how much he’s allowed to touch you. If it’s better, have him lie down so you can straddle his face completely. Sit down on his face, grab onto his hair, and grind yourself against his tongue. Tell him exactly how you want him to go down on you. If you want, turn the other way round so you can push your ass in his face while you slide down and lick the tip of his penis again.

Do this for as long as you can take it. Then, when you’re ready, slide back down and gently grind against his penis. Ask him if he wants to fuck you. If the answer is yes, smile at him while you keep grinding against him, going just a little bit faster. Grip the base of his penis and rub it slowly over your entrance. Ask him if he wants to fuck you. Start by slowly taking just the tip inside. Then pull away completely and smile. Then again, go down, taking a little bit more, then up, off, and smile. Repeat until you’ve finally taken all of him inside and then go for it. Lean forward and kiss his lips and moan and tell him how good he feels inside of you. Tell him how much you’ve missed him and how much you love his cock. Rock your hips back and forth as you ride him. Grind down agianst him as you move. Lean back and ride him. He’ll probably want to grab you by this point, pin you down against his chest, and fuck you really hard. If you’re into it, tell him to spank you while you’re on top.

Don’t keep to one position, try to switch things up. Tell him you want him to fuck you as hard as he can. Go onto your back, keep your legs on his shoulders or pressed against your chest, and have him go for it. Or hop off him and get on your hands and knees. Put your face down and keep your butt up high. Hold yourself open for him. Look back and ask him to fuck you, please. If he wants you to fuck him while you’re in this position, get up on your hands and push your ass back up against him. Keep looking back at him and bite your lip. Show him how much you’re enjoying yourself by either moaning or telling him straight up.

No matter which position you’re in, touch yourself if he isn’t doing it for you. When he’s fucking you, rub your clit or your nipples and do your thing. Smile or giggle or moan or whatever it is that you do and enjoy yourself.